Monday, June 22, 2015

How do we choose our designs?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of embroidery design websites out there. I know - I frequent them often! There is almost any design you could possibly want somewhere out there. We choose designs that aren't commonly found, and many don't exist as an embroidery design except through Lights Out Creations.

What do you mean the designs only exist through your shop?
We worked with the creator of some designs and have a license to sell their design as an embroidery file in our shop. Some of these designs include the Tribal Flygon by Esmeekramer, and the cute monsters by CloutStreetLab.We also purchase extended licenses of drawings we think could be digitized as embroidery files. Other designs we drew ourselves.

We also take a quick glance around the 'net by searching for the subject of the design we want to create. If there are a lot of similar designs, we'll either tweak the style, or come up with an entirely new idea.

What would you like to see us design next? Leave your ideas in the comments. If we pick your idea, you could receive a free copy of the design!

Do you have a drawing you'd like us to convert and offer in our shop? Let us know! You will receive a copy for free!

We do custom digitizing on a case by case basis. Prices vary depending on complexity of design.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

"Handy" projects for anyone

If you need a gift for a baby or wedding or house warming, or anything really, why not create a set of towels? Let's be honest: you can never have enough towels!

Whether you are starting out as a beginner to embroidery, or a master, testing designs on towels is a great idea. It allows you to create beautiful towels that you won't find in stores (unless you put them there).

This is the towel set I stitched for my new nephew. I purchased the bunny and teddy bear, but created the name piece myself.
Towel set stitched by Am (c) 2015

Towels are great. If you mess up, you can remove the stitches and can hardly see the mistake! Or, you just have a very unique towel to clean dishes with ;)

Everyone can use a towel. They are inexpensive and make great gifts. Babies grow out of clothes and bibs. Towels can be used for many many years to come.

If you sign up for Bed Bath and Beyond's email list, they will mail you 20% off coupons that you can use to purchase some nice towels for your projects! That's where I purchased these gray towels from. And yes, they are as soft as they look!